As we bid farewell to another eventful fun year, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on the journey we’ve been on. 2023 has been a whirlwind, filled with moments that challenged, inspired, and propelled us forward.

Space Highlights
In the realm of space news, 2023 was a remarkable year! From exciting chapters to awe-inspiring missions… We rebranded our event cellar as “ EINKELLER ” envisioned as Berlin’s one-of-a-kind space for various events and organizations. New container spaces “ The Cubes ” are now open for private meetings and workshops. As the Engelnest Crew, we have been at the Coworking Europe Conference to be inspired and challenge ourselves to evolve more as a community-based and fair space.

A little spoiler for the next steps: We have plans for our indoor and outdoor decorations both functionally and aesthetically will boost all of us! These advancements in space exploration have not only fascinated us but have also fueled our passion for the unknown and the endless possibilities beyond our planet.



Big Events and Festivals In 2023 we felt ready to step bigger and host many big events in our space with more than 100 people attending each. Reward ceremonies, seasonal festivals, workshops, and conferences… Accomplishing these events with gratitude and seeing smiles on people’s faces showed that we are ready for more!

Team news
Our team at Engelnest has grown. This year we’ve welcomed a new team member Irmak , bringing another perspective to the table.

Challenges Faced
However, the road is never without its challenges. 2023 presented us with its fair share of obstacles. Adapting to an after-pandemic structure required resilience and flexibility. Trying to be in line with all of our members was not always easy. So, disasters worldwide made this year hard but bring more solidarity to our lives. Yet, these challenges served as learning opportunities, pushing us to innovate and evolve in our approach. 

Social Projects
One of the most fulfilling aspects of 2023 was our involvement in various social projects. Throughout the year, we’ve had the honor of being a part of many impactful events that have shaped our journey. As angelnest, we opened our doors to Shelest traditional Ukrainian poetry and music event, an organ donation social organization Transplantiert ev. 25th anniversary celebration and Marrja Zeze is a diasporic platform committing to mental health and freedom of being through poetry, storytelling, and socio- artistic events.  Proud to be socially responsible and support other communities.


Looking forward

As we step into 2024, we carry with us the lessons and experiences of the past year. We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Our commitment to fostering our community, and making a positive impact in society remains unwavering. We’re eager to embark on new projects, collaborations, and endeavors that will continue to resonate with our audience and contribute to positive change.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every person who has been part of our journey. Your support has been the driving force behind everything we do.

Here’s to a remarkable 2023 and an even more extraordinary 2024!
With gratitude,

Engelnest Crew

Photo 1 & 5 Credit: Lisa Vlasenko