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Is it a problem if I’m on the phone a lot while working?

Our coworking area is a silent one, so we ask everyone to be mindful about taking calls there. For that you can use the phone boots, meeting rooms, the lounge area or go outside when weather allows. If you work implies being most of the time on the phone, then maybe instead of a flex desk a private office is a better fit for you.

Is there a security payment when joining?

No, you only pay your membership fee for each month.

What’s the minimum time I can join?

We offer flexibility and you can try for one month without commitment. Even if that is too much for you, you can buy a 6-day ticket to test before making a decision.

How much in advance should I cancel my membership to avoid being charged?

Is enough if you tell us 7 days before the end of the month, but we appreciate it if you let us know as soon as you decide not to continue. 

What type of members do you have?

Entrepreneurs, PhD students, remote workers and companies in the sustainability, online learning, leisure and robotic areas. Meet our community here!

How can I benefit from using a coworking instead of working at home?

If you haven’t yet tried coworking, you will discover that your performance and focus are much better compared to when at home, and you will have it easier to disconnect from work at the end of your day. You can meet other people and get inspired by their jobs, collaborate, make friends, and after a while have a second place that feels more like a home than a cold office 🙂

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