Engelnest Coworking


In 2019, our building underwent a remarkable transformation from its previous identity as a 36-year-old pallet factory to the vibrant Engelnest by the vision of siblings, Asli Engel and Ferhat Engel.

While the industrial charm and distinctive pallet aesthetic were preserved, our focus shifted towards fostering a dynamic, innovative, and people-centric environment. We pride ourselves on being a nurturing ‚nest,‘ providing a productive and supportive atmosphere that empowers our members to thrive and develop their projects.

Engelnest is located between the bustling Bergmankiez and Akazienstrasse, renowned for its diverse culinary experiences and local boutiques, our location is perfectly positioned to offer a wealth of gastronomic delights and a thriving community atmosphere.
Teamwork is in our DNA and that is the main part of our story

Freya joined the club in 2022 as our exceptional Office Manager. She is the go-to person for all things related to the office environment, event planning, and coordination. With her impeccable organizational skills and attention to detail, she transforms Engelnest into a hub of inspiration and connection.

Irmak has been on board since the beginning of 2023, our dynamic team member who brings her expertise in digital communication, marketing, and community management as Community and Communication Manager. She plays a pivotal role in crafting compelling content and managing our online presence. Also during our events, you’ll often find her buzzing around, making sure everyone is having a great time.

Ferhat Engel

Ferhat Engel


Engineer and former project consultant for multinationals, you can always find him at Engelnest  building or fixing something.

Freya von Hase

Freya von Hase

Office and Event Manager

Costume designer and visual marketing designer. Mother. And she fixes what Ferhat has already fixed.

Aslı Engel

Aslı Engel


Media producer, entrepreneur and owner of Galactic Media. Based in Istanbul and Berlin. 

Irmak Dalgün

Irmak Dalgün

Community and Communication Manager

Social Anthropology graduate who is passionate about business and marketing.

OUR community


Infralab Berlin:

a coworking & co-creation project of the Berlin infrastructure companies: BSR, BVG, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, GASAG, Stromnetz Berlin and Vattenfall Wärme Berlin. Thay work together for the urban development of Berlin and the implementation of sustainable and smart city initiatives.

Realtime Robotics:

Through sensorimotor capabilities, ease of programming and design, and safe human-robot collaboration, Realtime Robotics is transforming automation with robotics featuring risk-aware driving, high-productivity multi-robot work cells and automated robot vision that continuously calibrates itself. RR is a US company based in Boston.

Website Connection

a multinational team of web developers and designers that are ready to create from scratch or optimize your WordPress website and rank it in the first Google positions with the right SEO.

Restlos Glücklich:

a social non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness about food’s value, climate-friendly nutrition and food waste and how to create a sustainable consumption. They educate through community projects, interactive activities and workshops, in which they use ‚rescued‘ food donated from organic supermarkets.

Online Fitness Academy:

100% online platform offering three programs to become a licensed fitness trainer, starting with the license C, until the A. This is the highest that can be achieved in the fitness industry, allowing you to work in all professional paths in the fitness and health sector.

Off University:

Through free university-recognized online courses, it creates new strategies to uphold and sustain academic life and knowledge threatened by anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes. It is committed to a vision of peace in the world and to living together in diversity and therefore seeks to develop emancipatory education-research activities that are less hierarchical and more democratic.

Beys marketing & media:

a consulting agency with more than 20 years working on ethnomarketing, human resources and market research for major German brands.


a UX expert company providing for more than 10 years research, testing, design, strategy and software services in its offices in Istanbul, Eskişehir and Berlin. They co-created the first UX Master in Turkey, while also teaching through their Online Academy.


Since 2010, DCEY has been offering a dress rental service that allows you to both own and share the creations of the fashion world’s top designers. With a commitment to sustainable fashion, consumers can achieve a timeless elegance for all their special occasions, maintaining it in their memories for years to come.